Vision & Values

Mission Statement

Worth Unlimited is a national Christian charity and social enterprise which equips and supports people to harness their passions, gifts and talents to be locally rooted enablers of hope and transformation.

Our extensive experience has taught us that people flourish and become change-makers when they have a good sense of self, healthy relationships and purpose.  We have a substantial track record of working alongside people of all ages, particularly young people, to remove barriers, foster well-being and build stronger, more resilient, better connected communities.

We are committed to making a high-quality, relational and innovative investment in our communities.  Our teams provide mutual support and encouragement; sharing learning and good practice, to sustain each other for long-term working and making the greatest possible impact.

Our understanding of God and the world

  • Worth Unlimited is a Christian charity, which means that we are centred on the person, life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Worth Unlimited recognises that the nature of faith is dynamic and on-going, that within the Christian community there are different perspectives and cultures and that God is to be found in many surprising places, characterised by justice, peace, humility, love and compassion especially for those on the margins of society.
  • Worth Unlimited is underpinned by a Jesus centred understanding of Shalom (a Hebrew word which can be translated as peace or wellbeing), God’s concern for wholeness in both individual and corporate life. We therefore seek to work with all concerned for the common good.
  • Shalom must also always be active; it is a noun that is shaped from a verb. It has in-built energy to work hard to establish and achieve its goals; “Seek shalom and pursue it” (Psalm 34:14) is an essential expectation. Shalom is also holistic in the truest sense of the word. It is only truly present when it is active and engaged in bringing about radical change in three overlapping areas of people’s lives: well-being, justice and integrity.
  • Shalom is fundamentally about hope and reconciliation. It clearly declares not only how things should be but also how they shall be.  People on the margins of society today often have the poverty of little hope and much despair. That poverty often has relational causes so restoration also involves reconciliation. The shalom vision is there to inspire them that things can be different and to energise the Worth Unlimited team as they work to make that a reality in their lives.

Our Values

  • Well-being. Shalom means that everyone has enough food to eat, clothes to wear, physical health, a home to live in, a job to be able to provide for themselves and others; everything that makes for wholesome human life - a strong sense of personal fulfilment, a feeling of security and have a deep sense of dignity. We all must have sufficient, succeed and be safe; want and failure are not shalom. Shalom requires that we strive to meet these needs.
  • Justice. Shalom means there must be social justice, positive human relationships as they should be – personal, local or global. The biblical understanding of ‘justice’ is the process ‘to put everything right’. Sometimes our already difficult circumstances are exacerbated by a breakdown in relationships at multiple levels, with families, authorities and therefore society in general and sometimes even among peers. Motivated by this we work to put things right.
  • Integrity. Shalom means that each person is upright and truthful, dependable, honest and just. They display the moral and spiritual qualities of wisdom and maturity. We all experience brokenness in this world which frequently leads to developing negative self-image. This low self-esteem fragments us emotionally and spiritually and affects our sense of self-worth. It damages our core integrity. Inspired by this shalom imperative we work to make a significant contribution in changing this, helping people to transform their view of themselves and enabling them to make a valued contribution to their wider world.
  • Character Formation.  Character is a set of personal traits that produce specific moral emotions, inform motivation and guide conduct. We believe that positive Character Formation is essential in opening opportunities and achievements in life.  We all need to learn and wrestle with what is ethically important and how to act for the right reasons.  Positive decisions flow from good character strengths.  Rather than programming citizens, this is about helping people make good, transformative choices.
  • Positive Change. While we seek the positive gifts and value in each other, we also recognise that there is much in our lives that could be better.  Experiencing Shalom is about experiencing positive change in our physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, relational and social worlds and in our communities.  Worth Unlimited seeks to encourage that journey through a transformative process for all.
  • Right Relationships.  Having right relationships with those around you is at the heart of wellbeing and the vision of Shalom. Worth Unlimited will seek to ensure that relationships internally in the organisation are well, and encourage those who access our services to work at developing and mending positive relationships.
  • Accountability. Worth Unlimited will seek to be characterised by relationships and structures that enable professional and financial accountability. This will include accountability to the people we work with, our funders and partners through their active participation in all that Worth Unlimited seeks to do.
  • Excellence. Worth Unlimited will seek to be characterised by good practice and policy, consistent with its foundational principles within relevant legislation with reference to accepted professional standards.
  • Creativity. Worth Unlimited will seek to provide creative and innovative solutions to the issues surrounding people who experience exclusion and disadvantage.
  • Equality. Worth Unlimited will foster equality of opportunity in all aspects of the organisations work.
  • Participation. Worth Unlimited will be proactive in enabling people and local communities to be represented and participate in decision making at all levels of the organisation.