Vision & Values

We are a national community, dedicated to inspiring hope together by...

Making it possible for great people to do great things

As a national Christian charity and social enterprise, we equip and support people to harness their passions, gifts, skills and talents to be locally rooted enablers of hope and transformation, providing the practical and legal framework they need. 

Growing and investing in change-makers

Our extensive experience has taught us that people flourish and become change-makers when they have a good sense of self, healthy relationships and purpose.  We have a substantial track record of working alongside people of all ages, particularly young people, to remove barriers, foster well-being and build stronger, more resilient, better connected communities.

Supporting and resourcing each other

We are committed to making a high-quality, relational and innovative investment in our communities.  Our teams provide mutual support and encouragement; sharing learning and good practice, to sustain each other for long-term working and making the greatest possible impact.