Our Values


Well-being is people having what they need to be able live a wholesome life, characterised by a feeling of security, personal fulfilment and a deep sense of dignity, such as: enough food to eat, clothes to wear, physical health, a home to live in and a job to be able to provide for self and others.  We strive to meet these needs.


Social justice means human relationships as they should be.  Already difficult circumstances can be exacerbated by relationship breakdown at multiple levels (with peers, families, authorities, local communities and global society).  Motivated by the biblical description of justice as the process ‘of putting everything right’, we work for reconciliation and restoration.


We all experience brokenness, which shapes our self-worth and fragments us emotionally and spiritually.  When our core integrity is fractured, we can behave in ways that are at odds with our true, whole character.  We work to help people to transform their view of themselves; develop wisdom, maturity and trustworthiness and behave in ways that contribute to their wider world.

Character formation

Character is a set of personal traits that produce moral emotions, inform motivation and guide conduct.  We believe that character formation is essential: we all need to explore what is ethically important and how to act for the right reasons.  Positive decisions flow from good characteristics.  We are committed to helping people make good, transformative choices.

Positive change

We look first for the positive gifts and value in each other.  We also recognise that there is much in our lives that could be better.  Experiencing shalom is about experiencing positive change in our physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, relational and social worlds and in our communities.  We seek to encourage that transformative journey for all.

Right relationships

Having right relationships with those around you is at the heart of well-being and the vision of Shalom. We will seek to ensure that relationships internally in the organisation are well, and encourage those who access our services to work at developing positive relationships and mending fractured ones.


We will seek to be characterised by relationships and structures that enable professional and financial accountability. This will include accountability to the people we work with, our funders and partners through their active participation in all that Worth Unlimited seeks to do.


We will seek to be characterised by good practice and policy, consistent with our foundational principles, within relevant legislation, with reference to accepted professional standards.


We will seek to provide creative and innovative solutions to the issues surrounding people who experience exclusion and disadvantage.


We will foster equality of opportunity in all aspects of our work.


We will be proactive in enabling young people and local communities to be represented and participate in decision making at all levels of the organisation.