Our Values

Being human

In believing that we are created in the image of God, we believe that all of humankind is created as inherently good - “fearfully and wonderfully made”.  Our lives are chaotic and filled with all kinds of challenges - this messiness can get in the way of us being our best selves, but nothing we can do changes that, at our core, we are made beautiful.  Our interactions with one another should be reflective and respectful of this.


Having right relationships with those around you is at the heart of justice and the vision of shalom. We will strive to ensure that relationships internally in the organisation are well, and encourage those who access our services to work at developing and mending positive relationships.  We will aim for our supportive relationships to be available for as long as people need or want them.


We describe Worth Unlimited as a family - characterised by care for each other, bonded by a shared vision and belonging to one another.  We seek to be aware of power dynamics in our relationships and encourage collaborative working and leadership, within the boundaries that our legal structure allows.


We believe wholeheartedly that all are created equal and of equal value.  We are therefore committed to equality and to eradicating discrimination, whether in our employment and volunteering practices, or in the way we work with participants.  We are proactive in supporting and safeguarding young people who are at risk as a result of prejudice and discrimination on the basis of their characteristics.


We want to be a safe, welcoming and affirming community and celebrate diversity.  We are committed to ensuring that all aspects of our provision and projects are open to all (acknowledging that sometimes provision is targeted at particular groups).  We recognise that sometimes we can't see our own prejudice and look, with humility, to improve or learn when we are made aware.


We value the creativity and imagination that all people bring to the organisation and will seek to nurture it.


We will be proactive in enabling young people and local communities to be represented and participate in decision making at all levels of the organisation.

Learning and improving

We are all learners and apprentices, in personal and professional life.  We are all on a continuous journey of improvement.  This means being willing to have our minds changed and being willing to schedule learning time.  We are committed to continuously reviewing and developing our professional practice, knowledge and skills as well as our personal characters and abilities.  We seek to encourage others to undertake that journey through a transformative process for all.


We will seek to be characterised by relationships and structures that enable professional and financial accountability and transparency. This will include accountability to the people we work with, our funders and partners, through their active participation in all that Worth Unlimited seeks to do.

Giving of our best selves

We will seek to be characterised by good practice and policy, consistent with our foundational principles, within relevant legislation, with reference to accepted professional standards.  Excellence and professionalism are other words which are helpful in describing what we mean.  We honour each other and those who we serve when we give ourselves fully to the tasks before us.


We recognise that we don’t have a full perspective in communities or all the answers.  We therefore value working with others who share our aims and values.  We seek to be collaborative rather than competitive and find ways to be more effective and reach further.


We exist through the generosity of others and we believe strongly that this should be our attitude to others.  Where we are able we will share of our resources freely for the benefit of those we serve.