What does being a Christian charity mean to us?

Our understanding of God and the world

  • Worth Unlimited is a Christian charity, which means that we are centred on the person, life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Worth Unlimited recognises that the nature of faith is dynamic and on-going, that within the Christian community there are different perspectives and cultures and that God is to be found in many surprising places, characterised by justice, peace, humility, love and compassion especially for those on the margins of society.
  • Worth Unlimited is underpinned by a Jesus centred understanding of Shalom (a Hebrew word which can be translated as peace or wellbeing), God’s concern for wholeness in both individual and corporate life. We therefore seek to work with all concerned for the common good.
  • Shalom must also always be active; it is a noun that is shaped from a verb. It has in-built energy to work hard to establish and achieve its goals; “Seek shalom and pursue it” (Psalm 34:14) is an essential expectation. Shalom is also holistic in the truest sense of the word. It is only truly present when it is active and engaged in bringing about radical change in three overlapping areas of people’s lives: well-being, justice and integrity.
  • Shalom is fundamentally about hope and reconciliation. It clearly declares not only how things should be but also how they shall be.  People on the margins of society today often have the poverty of little hope and much despair. That poverty often has relational causes so restoration also involves reconciliation. The shalom vision is there to inspire them that things can be different and to energise the Worth Unlimited team as they work to make that a reality in their lives.