Inclusion Statement

Diversity and inclusion are really important to us. 

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Throughout our work, we are committed to reflecting the full diversity of the community we serve and to promoting equality of opportunity for everyone. We aim to ensure equal access to our services by all young people on the basis of need and to provide services in a manner that is sensitive to the individual, whatever their background. We will represent the needs of our diverse client group to other agencies and make equal opportunities a key guiding principle in all of our work with our partners. We will work hard to ensure that our workforce reflects the communities it serves.

We recognise that we don’t always get this right. We can be unaware of our own prejudices, and we have not always been vocal enough about the things we stand for. At such times we will humbly seek forgiveness, and seek to make right what has been wrong. We will work to eliminate discriminatory behaviour wherever it is found and educate those who show prejudice, as we pursue a better world for young people.

We seek to be proactive about minimising discrimination within our organisation, whether in our employment and volunteering practices, or in the way we would with participants.  We are committed to ensuring that in all aspects of our provision and projects are open to all, regardless of:

  • Age
  • Ethnic origin, nationality, national origin or race
  • Disability
  • Employment status
  • Gender (including transgender)
  • HIV status
  • Income level
  • Marital status
  • Religion, belief or non-belief
  • Responsibility for dependants (including pregnancy)
  • Sexual orientation

Any concerns or complaints should be reported to our Senior Leadership Team, in person or anonymously, and will be treated with urgency and seriousness.  Please use our contact page initially.