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Inspiring Hope and changing the lives of young people in Birmingham and Solihull 

What we do

We are passionate about young people and their communities and our “Together We Can” intergenerational community building project is a key part of this. Based in the heart of Firs and Bromford Estate we bring together youth work and adult-focused asset based community-building work to maximise the opportunities for intergenerational (as well as cross-cultural) interaction and relationship-building. 

We run a number of Open Access safe spaces for young people giving them the opportunity to engage with their peers and positive adult role-models in a safe space. We are always looking for ways in which both young people and local neighbours can contribute in these spaces.

We are committed to creatively engage with both young people and our neighbourhood to make our community a better, more connected place. We place an emphasis on being locally rooted, using an Asset based approach and being there for the long haul.

1:1 Mentoring and Support: Community based and School based programmes

We offer 1:1 and group mentoring, both in the community setting or in the school setting.  Our community based mentoring works with individuals enabling them to overcome barriers that might hinder them from developing and engaging in education and or community activities.  Our school based provision is based around a 6 week personal and social development programme. Contact us if you are interested in partnering with us.

“The additional support we have received from Worth Unlimited is so valuable, especially to some our most vulnerable students.  The mentoring and support offered to these students is something we just could not offer in school”  Mr Pete Higgins, Headteacher

Youth Social Action

“Youth Social Action is Young people taking practical action in the service of others to create positive change in their community”

Schools Based:

We run a 6 week schools based programme enabling students to explore community, their gifts, skills and passions and work with them to plan and deliver a youth led community project.

WeCan - Community Based YSA:

Our “We Can” sessions engage local young people in long term intergenerational Youth Social Action.  Helping young people to connect with their neighbours and have a role within their community through meaningful, youth led,  social action projects.

Street Connecting and street sports

Meeting young people where they are at.  We are passionate about “widening the circles” of our youth work.  through our youth connector detach team we engage young people, building relationship with groups of young people down the park, on the street corners, outside the shops, working with young people “where they are at”

Social Enterprise

We see social enterprise as a key way of enabling young people to learn the core skills they need to flourish and develop business and employability skills.. Here in Birmingham we run a business: Gear Up. To find out more please click the links below.


Together We Can!

Together We Can! is an intergenerational, community-building project within the Firs & Bromford neighbourhood which we run with our partner, Open Door Community Foundation.  

Funded jointly by the National Lottery Community Fund and Firs & Bromford Neighbours Together (Big Local funding), the project brings together youth work and adult-focused community-building work to maximise the opportunities for intergenerational (as well as cross-cultural) interaction and relationship-building.  We seek to support both young people and adults on a developmental journey from ‘first contact’, through ‘clearing obstacles’ and ‘pathways in to participation’, towards being able to ‘make meaningful contributions’ (within the neighbourhood and wider), and to develop skills, confidence and connections to initiate and lead their own groups and activities.

Across the two ‘age bands’ (young people and adults), TWC! pursues two parallel ‘strands’ of work: ‘street connecting’ (making connections with, and between, local people, and growing new forms of associational life from those connections), and ‘support and development’ (supporting local people to grow in the confidence, skills and connections needed to be able to participate in and contribute to the life of their neighbourhood, and wider).

Our most recent Progress Report for this project can be found here.

Get Involved

Volunteering opportunities:
Join our Youth Connector Team and share your gifts and skills with young people.
Help out with Gear Up or bike social enterprise based at UoB.

Could you become a Birmingham and Solihull supporter? We are looking for people to become regular donors enabling us to help our work with young people become more sustainable.
Could you take part in a fundraising event and help to raise some much needed funds for our work with vulnerable young people? See our fundraising page for more details.

Our people

Dan Sandford-Smith

Branch Leader

Dan has been a part of the Worth Unlimited family since 2009, and has been leading the Birmingham and Solihull branch since 2017 alongside Jane.  He is passionate about seeing young people and their communities flourish and seeing the wider branch develop, grow its impact and become more sustainable through its social enterprise, Gear Up.  Dan is married to Steph, has two daughters and loves Coffee, photography and rugby.

Flo Berrow

Youth Worker (Barrier Removal)

Flo has been working with Worth Unlimited since 2013.  Much of Flo's work is one to one with young people (barrier removing). She finds this role extremely refreshing as there is always something new happening and you never know what your going to get from one day to the next. She is passionate about helping to make changes in young peoples lives and working towards shaping their future.

Stewart Boyle

Gear Up Mechanic/Youth Worker

Stewart has been involved with Worth in some shape or form since 2012. Starting off his journey as a young person engaging with clubs and activities, six years on he’s now a full time member of the Birmingham and Solihull team, running our bike social enterprise Gear Up. Stewart spends most of his time either riding bikes or fixing them. When he’s not at work he also enjoys the gym and plays several instruments.  

James Ingham

Cycle Hub Manager

 James joined us in 2021 and is our main man at our Gear Up Cycle Hub based at University of Birmingham.  A passionate cyclist, commuter and skilled mechanic James' cycle knowledge and skills is a great asset to us our valued customers! 

Chloe Latham

Youth Connector Trainer

Chloe is a co-founder of ‘Listen Threads’ and also part of our youth connectors team.  Chloe is passionate about the voices of young women being heard and engaging with her local community.

Clare Maclean

Youth Worker (Volunteer)

Clare is a local resident who has grown up on the Bromford.  Clare has been a key member of our youth connector team for over 8 years, mainly helping with our kids clubs, events and youth drop-ins. Clare loves face painting, helping out to keep her busy and has a real passion for local young people.


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