Celebrating 2017-2018 in our Annual Review

Celebrating 2017-2018 in our Annual Review

We're delighted and excited to publish our 2017-18 Annual Review!

It's full of pictures, stories and information about the last year of Worth Unlimited's life and work.  It's exciting and inspiring for us to see a snapshot of all we achieved captured like this.  We hope that you find it exciting and inspiring too!

Today is a great day to be publishing our Annual Review, because today we are joining with charities all over the country who are taking part in "You Made it Happen" day.  November 19th has been set aside to celebrate the difference that charity donors and supporters make and to show what that support enables us to achieve.

We are extremely grateful for all that you contribute, from financial gifts to volunteering, from prayer to encouragement for our staff.  Thanks to your support, we really are changing lives across the country.

Thank you for making it possible for Worth Unlimited to do everything we do.  Remember, everything that you read about, in our Annual Review, our newsletters, social media and on the website - YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!

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