Youth Iftar in Birmingham

Youth Iftar in Birmingham

Youth Iftar 1  

Mohammed first came along to a youth club session last spring, with one of his mates.  They engaged in a discussion we were having about Ramadan.

Mohammed then came back the next day to our Youth Social Action group.  He and some friends decided they would like to organise and host a Youth Iftar for their peers.

They invited everyone – those who were fasting, those who wanted to stand with those who were and those who just wanted to share a nice meal with friends!


Following this fantastic night, they looked for other opportunities to bring the community together.  At the youth club, they showed real enthusiasm for table tennis, so together they planned a tournament for local people.  This was attended by both young people and adults and was a great intergenerational event.

Mohammed has gone on to take part in our youth leaders programme and youth forum and begin planning for a larger community Iftar for next Ramadan.

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