Change is coming! Worth Unlimited Leadership Restructure

Change is coming! Worth Unlimited Leadership Restructure

Following on from our rebrand in 2018, we are pleased to announce the next stage of Worth Unlimited’s development.  In our ongoing strive to “inspire, equip and support people to harness their passions, gifts, skills and talents to be locally rooted enablers of hope and transformation”, we are restructuring our national leadership team.

The purpose of this change is to release each of our team members to roles which best suit and utilise their own ‘passions, gifts, skills and talents’.  

The key changes will be:

  • From 1st September 2019, Tim Evans, our CEO of some 17 years will be appointed Director of Strategy & Vision.  This role will utilise Tim’s greatest strengths - supporting people to expand their vision, providing  encouragement, empowerment and inspiration and developing our partnerships.
  • Our Operations Manager, Matt Perry, will become National Director, with responsibility for coordinating leadership and overall management of the organisation.  
  • Debbie Garden will be appointed Director of Communications and Development, focused on staff development, donors, outcomes and impact.
  • The job title of CEO will be retired in favour of this team approach to leadership.  

We are excited about the next phase of our development and look forward to working in this new way as we see many more young people supported and cared for through the work of our organisation.  We seek to serve our family of branches, projects and social enterprises to be transformative in their neighbourhoods and firmly believe that this structure will help us have an even greater impact.

We welcome the support and encouragement of our partners and friends in this transition. 

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