Coronavirus/Covid-19 Update

Coronavirus/Covid-19 Update

Following the guidance issued by the UK Government on Monday 16th March we have decided to suspend all group activities across all branches of Worth Unlimited.  

This decision has not been taken easily, as we know that the vast majority of young people are still healthy, may not be affected by the virus and may soon find themselves with very little to do.  But in the interests of the common good of our communities and the protection of the most vulnerable it is the right thing to do.  

For the time being we are continuing with one to one activities and facilitating our staff working from our offices and centres on a case by case basis, where distancing and hygiene can be ensured.  We will keep this policy under review in the coming days and weeks.  No young person, or adult volunteer or staff member will be expected to work where the risk is high because of the situation or their personal health vulnerability.

The world has turned upside down!  To paraphrase the Archbishop of Canterbury earlier today: we must be a radically different organisation for now – but one that’s hopeful, prayerful and committed to serving others!

Stay safe and please, please follow the guidelines that the NHS and the Government are putting out:

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