Together We Can partnership reports on another great year!

Together We Can partnership reports on another great year!

By - 13 September 2023

We are delighted to publish the progress report of our Together We Can! project in East Birmingham.  

Together We Can! is a unique collaboration between 3 grassroots organisations in the Firs and Bromford estates. Working together with neighbours and partners, we are committed to a long-term, neighbourhood-wide journey of intergenerational community-building, seeking to root practical wisdom, connectedness and leadership among local residents. Our vision is shaped by that of Firs and Bromford Neighbours Together (FBNT), the residents' group overseeing the 10 year Big Local funding for the area:

Developing our community into a place of creativity and compassion, where all feel welcome, all feel connected, all feel they belong and all feel that they can flourish

TWC2 refers to this second phase of our work, from Jul 2021 until June 2026. This builds on the 4.5 years of the first phase of TWC. TWC2 now supports 10 paid staff, of which 6 are local residents, including our 3 new trainee connectors.

Uniquely, TWC2 is not about delivering particular projects or services. Instead, our approach is to be alongside neighbours on a journey of involvement, discovery and growth. As they connect with others in their local area and participate in doing things together, sharing their passions, gifts and skills with others, neighbours grow in confidence, become more resilient and, in turn, are more able to encourage and enable others to participate in community life.

This short report, produced with input from TWC participants, partners and staff, tells the story of our work this year and what our neighbours tell us about the difference TWC makes to them and their community. We hope you enjoy it!

Click on this image to view or download the report:

Our Year One report is also available to download here

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