Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest

We work at building supportive lasting relationships where young people and participants feel valued.  We provide and help young people engage in positive activities, where they can develop skills and community.  

What we do

Worth Unlimited in Waltham Forest works with young people from marginalised communities to reach their potential.

Worth Unlimited for Waltham Forest was started in 2000 and has a strong reputation responding to the needs of young people in the borough.  We are trusted and supported by the statutory, faith-based and charity sectors and are able to work in effective partnership with all. 

We work with young people and families from communities of social deprivation.  We work at building supportive lasting relationships where young people and participants feel valued.  We provide and help young people engage in positive activities, where they can develop skills and create community.   

Detached Youth Work:  Our starting point for all our work is to seek to meet young people where they are at. Detached Youth work takes this very literally as our teams spend time on the streets and in the parks meeting young people on their own ground and their own terms.

Through this model of youth work we can sign post young people and work directly with them in their community supporting their development and aspirations and tackling some of the issues young people regularly face when growing up.

Mobile Youth Venue Sessions:  Worth Unlimited in Waltham Forest has a youth bus which visits five of the housing estates in the Borough offering sessions where young people are able to access information and support from trained youth workers, whilst engaging in positive activities such as cooking, games and quizzes.  The youth bus is kitted out with three computers with internet access, an x-box and play station.

We currently offer Mobile Youth Venue sessions in 5 locations each week:

  • Beaumont
  • Oliver Close
  • Priory Court
  • Boundary Road
  • Cathall

Youth Club & Basketball Sessions (Priory Court):  Worth Unlimited in Waltham Forest runs youth club activities and basketball/sport activities from the Community Centre in Priory Court. Activities on offer to the young people will be cookery, quizzes, competitions, games and table tennis. Sessions are run by trained youth workers who are able to offer information, advice, support and mentoring.

Community Ambassadors Programme (Priory Court):  Worth Unlimited in Waltham Forest will be starting a new programme working with young people in the Priory Court area enabling them to create their own social action project.  The programme will empower young people to have a ‘voice’ and make changes in their community. 

That Reading Thing:  For some young people the main challenge they face in life is a belief that they cannot read. This is indeed a barrier to accessing training and employment but is an issue that with the right tools, youth workers and mentors can address. “That Reading Thing” is a fantastic basic literacy programme designed by Tricia Millar for young people who struggle with reading.

Mobile Youth Venue (MYV)

Our people

Helen Perry

Branch Leader

Helen joined Worth Unlimited in 2011 from the Waltham Forest council's youth service.  Having worked for Care for the Family and Oasis Trust, Helen graduated with a first in Youth Work & Informal Education from YMCA George Williams College.  Now the Leader of our Waltham Forest branch, Helen enjoys working one to one with young people and supporting other youth workers to learn and grow.  

John Baldwin

Mobile Youth Venue Driver

John joined the team as the driver of our youth bus.  Although past retirement age, John likes to keep busy and so looks after our bus and ensures it gets to the sessions on time.  

Vanessa Duncan

Youth Worker

Vanessa joined Worth Unlimited in 2017, working on the youth bus and youth club at Priory Court Estate. She has a Masters degree in Applied Anthropology Community and Youth Work validated through the National Youth Agency, and is JNC qualified. She is born and raised a Londoner!

Yvonne Hamilton

Youth Worker

Yvonne started volunteering in 2013 with Worth Unlimited as a Volunteer Co-ordinator and a literacy mentor. She is now a part time youth worker, working on the youth bus with young people.  She has always wanted to work with young people and give back to the community.  Yvonne lives in London with her two teenagers.

Dion Johnson

Youth Worker

Dion joined Worth Unlimited in 2016 as a sessional youth worker, shortly after graduating in BSc Psychology and Counselling.  She works as a Behaviour and Learning Mentor in a college as well as previously working in schools and a Pupil Referral Unit.  She has a passion for working with young people and empowering them to be the best version of themselves.

Dumo Jubane

Youth Worker

Dumo started working as volunteer youth worker in 2015 and is now a part time sessional youth worker.  He particularly enjoys supporting the young people with sports activities as he sees this as a positive outlet for them to assist in developing skills for their futures.

Naaman Murphy

Youth Worker

Naaman has worked part-time for Worth Unlimited in Waltham Forest since 2003 as a youth worker on the Priory Court estate. He started out doing detached youth work on the estate and now works on the Mobile Youth Venue for one evening each week. His other job is Assistant Pastor at a local Baptist Church. He lives in London with his wife and three children.

Dave Parish

Senior Youth Worker

Dave joined our Waltham Forest branch in 2013. He started as a volunteer youth worker on our youth bus.  While working in the building industry, Dave studied for a level two qualification in Youth and Community work and then in 2017 increased his involvement when he was appointed Senior Youth Worker, a full time post.  Dave lives in London with his wife and son.


Helen Perry
Branch Director

Email: helen.perry@worthunlimited.co.uk
Tel: 020 8090 5045

434 Forest Road
London E17 4PY