Our mission is to make an impact on the lives of young people so that they experience enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence leading to keen engagement, aspirational goals, and higher levels of achievement.

What we do

Worth Unlimited for Doncaster focuses on developing the skills, passions and motivations of local people to mentor young people, in particular those at risk of not flourishing in society.  To do this we recruit and train mentors and use them in partner schools.

Through our mentoring programme young people, ranging in age from 5-18, experience transformation in behaviour, self-confidence and self-esteem, which results in impressive outcomes of engagement and achievement. 

Our priority is to train and supervise volunteer mentors to support vulnerable young people, particularly those living in poverty or facing exceptional challenges.  Most of our referrals come through schools, which identify young people who struggle with low self-esteem, and lack motivation, ambition, hope and self-belief. 

Most mentoring is carried out one-to-one but we also deliver small group courses in building self-esteem, anger management and conflict resolution as well as training young people to become peer mentors.  We train young people in Years 12 & 13 to mentor younger students in their school. We work with schools to tailor courses to the needs of young people, for example supporting Year 11 students who experience exam stress. 

We strongly believe in the importance of a long term mentoring relationship and do not give up easily on any young person who needs ongoing support.


Stories of impact

Comments about our work in schools:

"B has blossomed under the mentoring scheme!! sees the importance of school and completes learning with more pride and care." (Teacher)

"D now achieves more learning goals...has significantly improved under the mentoring scheme.’ (Teacher) 

"My behaviour improved loads." (Student in secondary school)"

"We were given set targets and then help to achieve those targets." (Student in secondary school) 

"With ten children participating in mentoring at the moment school are very pleased with the results in behaviour and self-esteem." (Chair of Parents Association)

" C’s behaviour has improved dramatically... SATs have shown a huge improvement in his academic achievement." (Parent)

"Your time and efforts have had such a positive impact on both boys, and we are so proud of what they have become." (Parent)

Our people

Carol Parker-Cowan

Branch Leader

As well as working for Worth Unlimited, Carol is a Messy Church Leader.  She is enthusiastic about keeping fit, aerobics, cycling and walking and passionate about helping young people to ‘grow’.

Charlotte Barley



Ken Foden


Having retired from a career in education, Ken founded Worth Unlimited for Doncaster in 2012. He enjoys helping young people learn to believe in themselves. Ken relaxes playing badminton and playing bass guitar in a worship group.

Ian Ogley



Frances Rhodes


Fran enjoys mentoring and seeing struggling young people turn the corner, be it with their confidence or controlling their anger better.  As well as this she can usually be found doing craft of some type, reading, or word games.”

Denise Stothard




Carol Parker-Cowan

Doncaster (please contact us directly for a postal address)
Mob:  07803 925103


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