Start a new project

cropped-cropped-53516235-565087017331069-4281526006868606976-o-83278.jpgWe see Worth Unlimited as a family

When you join with us you we believe you gain a lot towards delivering your vision for high quality youth and community work in your neighbourhood, but we also believe that our family has a lot to gain from having you on board too. As a family, we share the ups and downs of running projects together and we're in it together for the long term.

If you have an idea and passion to meet the needs of vulnerable young people in your area, and you share our values and approach then we would love to talk to you about joining in with us.

Some of the advantages to being part of Worth Unlimited are:
  • Being part of a learning network
  • Being part of an established charity - no need to go through the process of legal charity formation
  • Payroll, bookkeeping, tax and legal arrangements taken care of
  • Access to programmes developed across our organisation
  • Access to larger funders through inter-branch partnership bids 
  • Comprehensive policy framework in place with associated forms and paperwork where necessary.
  • Support with recruitment and staff/volunteer management
  • Direct access to our experienced youth work practitioners

If you would like a conversation to explore becoming part of our family contact us using our web form