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What we do

Branch_DonateIn Ellesmere Port we champion the programme ‘That Reading Thing’.

We work with schools, colleges, churches, youth organisations (basically anyone who wants to work with us) and out in the community, to help people discover they can read. We can work directly with individuals, or train volunteers or staff to deliver the programme themselves.

Our Branch Leader, Stef Boyle, is a Senior TRT Trainer, licenced by ‘That Reading Thing’ to deliver the training.

That Reading Thing

For some young people the main challenge they face in life is a belief that they cannot read. This is indeed a barrier to accessing training and employment but is an issue that with the right tools, youth workers and mentors can address.

“That Reading Thing” is a fantastic basic literacy programme designed by Tricia Millar for young people who struggle with reading.

People benefiting from That Reading Thing often have negative experiences of education and because of this the programme works best in an environment where both the tutor and learner come to feel comfortable sharing life experiences and learning from each other.

This programme is designed to be used by anyone with or without formal qualifications who would like to help struggling readers.

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Stef Boyle

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