Worth Their Weight in Gold

Worth Their Weight in Gold

Changing the story about young people's worth

What's it all about?

Have you noticed how young people are represented?

When you look at the news, social media or even just hear everyday conversations, people are encountering and sharing negative stories about young people. Teenagers only seem to find themselves in the news when they are seen doing something wrong. Somehow, they start life as precious children, worth their weight in gold, to being considered like clay to be molded, problems to be fixed, issues to be dealt with.  It’s bad for all of us: young people can become frustrated with how they’re perceived, disillusioned about their value and alienated from wider society, so our communities lose out on their passion, enthusiasm and energy.

The reality is that many young people undertake incredible challenges, achieve amazing things and make a massive contribution to the world. We want people to realise that they’ve been hearing half a story, to discover the other half of the picture and to begin rethinking their perceptions.

We're making March 2020 our campaign month, where we declare that young people are Worth Their Weight in Gold! We'd love you to join us! 


Get involved


Let’s change the story!

Help us to challenge perceptions and stereotypes by being someone who tells positive stories about young people.   Help us to remind young people of their true value by investing in them and supporting our work. 


Changing the story for young people

At the heart of Worth Unlimited is a vision of the world as it should be – every person at peace in their own skin, fulfilled and in harmony with those around them.  A major part of that is revealing young people’s overlooked or hidden value and helping them to discover for themselves their true worth and significance. Will you help us to do more, for more young people?


Changing the story about young people

Many people aren’t really conscious of the bad narrative they’re hearing about young people or aware of how damaging that can be for young people and society as a whole - especially as there’s a big gap between that narrative and reality. We want people to notice there’s a problem. Will you help us to open people's eyes?


How to get involved



Support the campaign and affirm yourself by buying a "Worth My Weight in Gold" t-shirt, sweatshirt, wristband... All supplied by our social enterprise Listen Threads!

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Invest in our work so that we are able to work with young people all over the country, helping them to discover their true worth and significance.

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Join one of our teams - local or national - to get involved in changing the story for young people. Contact us to find out about opportunities near you.

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Raise your voice on social media. Write to your MP about funding for long-term, quality youth service. Contact your local papers and news stations to ask them to feature positive, good news stories about young people. Let's challenge those stereotypes!

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Write to a young person you know to tell them how valuable they are and what you appreciate about them. Why not send them one of our postcards?

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Help us to raise awareness - connect us to your business, Rotary Club, church, home group, Mothers' Union or youth group. We'd love to come and talk about our work. 

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Matt Perry talks to Gemma Dunning, from Frontier Youth Trust, about our vision for young people to be seen as worth their weight in gold, precious and with unending worth.
Adele Rogers, Branch Leader of Spark, shares their vision to support the well-being and mental health of young people in Loughton.
Head to Firs and Bromford in Birmingham to meet the team of Listen Threads, a fashion social enterprise that harnesses the passions of young people and equips and develops their entrepreneurial skills.


Buried treasure header

Matt Perry reflects on the value of young people.

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Tim Evans explores asset-based approaches to working with young people.

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Took me seriously

Coming soon...

Debbie Garden looks at the significance of teenage allies.


Gold podcast 1  

Gemma Dunning, Movement Advocate for FYT and Georgia, a 17-year-old student from London co-host as Gemma interviews Debbie Garden, Director of Development and Communications for Worth Unlimited about the what's behind the Worth Their Weight in Gold campaign and Georgia shares some reflections including a youth fail that she used for the good of her friends. Click here to listen now.

Gold podcast 2   Gemma meets Adele Rogers, Branch Leader of Spark, to talk about helping young people to discover their value and reflects on some of her own key teenage relationships with mentors and allies. Click here to listen now.