Reports & Accounts

We work hard, with limited resources, to ensure that as much of our income goes directly to projects working with young people.

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly curtailed that number of young people and activities that we could complete in the second half of our 2019-2020 financial year.

During 2018-19, we… 

  • Worked with 2,940 young people.
  • Provided open access (drop in) youth work sessions for 1,837 young people.
  • Ran a summer holiday lunch club where members of low-income families in Huddersfield consumed 849 2-course main meals!
  • Supported 540 children and young people through mentoring and 88 through counselling.
  • Enabled 120 young people to give back to their communities through social action and volunteering.
  • Trained 13 young adults from urban priority areas in leadership and community development.
  • Adopted a new branch, in Darlington.
  • Launched our 4th social enterprise, Worth Furniture, in Waltham Forest.
  • Supported 58 volunteers to run effective programmes and build positive relationships with young people.

You can find our more about our work by reading our Annual Review, available here as a PDF.

2020Review-PosterA3   Our shortened 2019-2020 Annual Review gives an overview of the organisation, where we have branches and what we are doing.
Annual Review 2018-19 cover  

This sets out some of the highlights and achievements of the last year and tells the stories of some of the people we have been working with.

  • Mary, who built a new life in her new home
  • Macie, who overcome panic attacks
  • James, who managed to avoid exclusion from school
  • Cherise, who found safety and a fresh start

These stories will help you to discover the difference we have been making and the impact your donations have had this year.

Our latest independently inspected published accounts are available here..  A summary of income and expenditure of the past three years is shown below.


Details about the finances of individual branches are available on request.