Inspiring Person - Alex Scott

Inspiring Person - Alex Scott

By Flo Berrrow - 15 November 2022

A few people from around Worth Unlimited have agreed to tell us about someone who inspires them.  This time it's Flo Berrow!

This year women’s football has really come into it’s own and it is players like Alex Scott who have helped pave the way.
Alex Scott is a 38 year old Ex-England women’s footballer with 140 games behind her and has played for both British and overseas teams. Alex made history by being the first female Sky pundit and first female to commentate on BBC for a men’s World Cup in 2018.

She is an ambassador of Headroom which is a BBC mental health platform for mindfulness. Alex has also brought out her bestselling memoir: 'How (not) to be strong', which describes of her traumatic childhood and how her life has been shaped.

To see such a young black woman doing so much, opening up herself to the world and living out her dreams is amazing. She is a huge inspiration for future generations of women in everyday life and in sport.

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