Inspiring People - Heidi Crowter

Inspiring People - Heidi Crowter

By Annika Matthews - 24 May 2022

A few people from around Worth Unlimited have agreed to tell us about someone who inspires them.  Today, it's Annika Mathews.


Heidi CrowterHeidi Crowter
Disability rights advocate

Heidi and her husband, James Carter, are both Christians with Down's Syndrome who act as disability rights advocates, raising awareness of living with Down's Syndrome through social media and other outlets and also campaigning at  the High Court for Don't Screen us Out, to challenge the Abortion Act 1967.  Heidi acts as a patron for various charities and gives talks.  She is also on some parliamentary groups related to Down's Syndrome.  She also has a job and attends church. 

I find her inspiring as she, through living her life and campaigning, proves people wrong in their misconceptions about people with Down's Syndrome.  She is very determined, positive and passionate and has a unique, bubbly personality, knowing birthdays of many famous figures if you give her a date and also loving to sing.  I met her a few years ago when she led a lunchtime event at Synod and her talk on Psalm 139 'You are fearfully and wonderfully made' really impacted me and everyone else there. 

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