New funding for mentoring in Doncaster!

New funding for mentoring in Doncaster!

Persimon Homes, Building Futures scheme

We're excited and grateful that Persimmon Homes Yorkshire is backing Worth Unlimited Doncaster to be a prize winner through the Building Futures scheme!

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 Through Building Futures, Persimmon Homes will give away over £1 million to support children's health, sport and education, and arts.

At a special event later this year, prizes of £100k, £50k and £20k will be awarded in each category, to the finalists who have received the most online votes.

Our Branch Leader, Carol Parker-Cowan, said:

“We’re so proud to be chosen as a regional finalist and it’s given everyone a massive boost.  The last 18 months or so have been extremely challenging for charities across the UK, including ourselves, so we’d really appreciate it if people would get behind us and start voting!"

Winning £100k would completely secure the Doncaster mentoring programme for 3 year, enabling us to work with hundreds of children, providing the care, encouragement and listening ear they need to thrive.

Voting could not be easier!  Just choose "Worth Unlimited" from the online list and click "Submit Vote".  Here's the link:

Vote for Worth Unlimited Doncaster to win £100,000!

Thank you for supporting us!

South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit

We were delighted to welcome representatives of the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit and Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, on a visit to Worth Unlimited Doncaster last week

The visit was for everyone to hear about how a grant of £20,000, awarded by the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Fund, will be providing a project designed to provide early intervention for young people at risk of permanent exclusion from school in the Doncaster area.
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Our Doncaster team offer one-to-one mentoring sessions which provide space for mentees can work to address any issues in a caring and supportive environment.  The programme helps young people develop skills in anger management and conflict resolution, raise confidence and self-esteem, improve resilience, increase aspirations, and support the improvement of young people’s mental health and well-being.

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner said:

“It was really good to hear about how Worth Unlimited work in schools across Doncaster and their early intervention programme.  Children are faced with many social dilemmas and need positive role models and trusted adults in their lives.  Sadly not all of these can be found in the family home, which is why it is important that they have mentors that they can discuss their concerns with and who will listen and work through some of their issues, before they escalate to violence.”

The Worth Unlimited Doncaster mentoring programme runs for twelve weeks and is consistent, supportive and structured.  Equipping young people with the tools to manage their emotions and resolve conflict helps them to stay in education and avoid permanent exclusion, which can lead to anti-social behaviour and criminality.

Graham Jones, Head of the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit said:

“Exclusion from school can exacerbate problems faced by young people and place them at increased risk of getting involved in trouble.  The work of these dedicated and skilled mentors is reducing the numbers of fixed term and permanent exclusions which is fantastic news.”

This grant will also extend mentoring opportunities for young people who are living with domestic violence.  Sessions are designed to help them express how they are feeling, providing an outlet for their emotions.

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