Coronavirus Update - October 2020

Coronavirus Update - October 2020

What a year!  

Our thoughts go out to those families who were affected by Wave 1 of Covid-19 and now the increasing numbers of people in Wave 2.  This pandemic has torn right through communities as they suffer the loss of loved ones as well as the employment and economic ripples.  We are also mindful of the many people struggling with mental health challenges that have been made worse by the social impact of the lockdown.

Here at Worth Unlimited we have spent the past few months working out how we can run activities and support young people in a way that ensures the safety of young people and our staff. We have written risk assessments, purchased PPE, marked out flooring and many other things which have helped us be in a position to work safely for all concerned. Of course we need the cooperation of all of our participants as well to follow our procedures and keep themselves and their friends safe.

We have taken account of the guidance provided by the National Youth Agency as well as rules and guidance on the Government website.

The lockdown pandemic has also had an impact on our income.  We are grateful for being able to use the Employment Retention Scheme (furlough) for some employees and also for the flexibility that grant funders have shown us.  The fundraising landscape moving forward looks more challenging than ever (and austerity had already made it difficult).  If you are able to support us with a one off (good) or regular (even better) donation we would be so thankful.  We know that the events of the past year will have caused significant additional barriers for young people in our communities and we are determined to be here to journey with and support them.

Stay safe and please, please follow the guidelines that the NHS and the Government are putting out:

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