Be kind to yourself - Macie's story

Be kind to yourself - Macie's story

Macie was referred to our listening service.  She was struggling with suicidal thoughts, caused by a combination of anxiety, bullying and very low self-esteem.  At her darkest times, she stopped attending her beloved dance classes and had daily panic attacks in school.  During her first session, Macie cried all the way through.  She struggled to speak and make eye contact.

We worked with Macie for a year, using active listening to enable her to explore what was triggering her suicidal thoughts and “Be Kind To Yourself” homework exercises to help her develop a healthy sense of self.

Macie's story

Towards the end of her time with our project, she joined three new dance classes and had gone a couple of months without a panic attack in school.  Her confidence had visibly grown.  During her last session she was smiling and carried herself with a quiet confidence.

“Macie was a joy to work with, so open and honest about her struggles, it was inspiring.  To see her transformation was incredible.  It gave me hope that we can continue to make a difference in the lives of young people.”
(Martin, youth worker)

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