Wilderness action in Waltham Forest!

Wilderness action in Waltham Forest!

Since the New Year, the Waltham Forest social action group have been focusing their efforts on pulling together a project that they as young people could really take forward and own, something they could be proud of in the future.  They decided that the estate where they live was looking run down and needed a lift.  A small green space at the entrance to the community had become overgrown and filled with rubbish…

 WF Wilderness action 1

So they set to work!

Some of the young people were more excited about the idea than others(!) but everyone got stuck in, clearing weeds, cutting back brambles and litter-picking.

 WF Wilderness action 2

After a long day of hard work, everyone was happy with what they had achieved!

 WF Wilderness action 3

And it doesn't end here! The young people are keen to keep up the good work with the gardening and plan to plant some flowers and make it something great to look at.

We'll keep you posted!


Our Community Ambassadors Programme has been generously funded by Clarion Housing.  We are grateful for their support.

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