Tim's Triple Challenge 2019!

Tim's Triple Challenge 2019!

1 summer. 3 challenges. 535 miles.


Less than 2 weeks from today, our CEO Tim Evans will be embarking on a triple-challenge summer!  He'll cycle a total of 535 miles over 3 epic events:

12th May, Birmingham Velo 22nd June, Coast to Coast

24th-28th July, London to Paris

Velo Coast to coast London to Paris 

100 miles in a day

135 miles in a day

300 miles


For the past 17 years, Tim has led Worth Unlimited, developing a nation-wide community of people dedicated to serving young people, investing in their neighbourhoods, working for social change and inspiring hope in some of the most deprived areas of the country. In the current economic climate, our resources are not able to keep pace with the need we're seeing amongst young people, so Tim decided to get on his bike to do something about it! 

"Seeing lives transformed and resourcing others is what gets me out of bed in a morning! Through our work, each year we see hundreds of young people written off by society and often even by themselves. Our network of projects and social enterprises is growing as the need grows. As more young people than ever struggle with issues such as mental health, we long to do more."

- Tim Evans

Tim's target is to raise £10 per mile. Please sponsor him for as many miles as you can!  Thank you!

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