Courage worth celebrating

Courage worth celebrating

Worth Unlimited for Doncaster is now in its seventh year of mentoring young people between 5 and 18 years of age.  Thanks to a grant for promoting Essential Life Skills from the DfE (Department for Education) and Doncaster Council, as well as support from Expect Youth, we are currently able to provide mentors for 5 secondary and 11 primary schools.  Since the beginning of January 2019, we have mentored 94 youngsters in those schools.  One of those is Theo.

Theo 1  

Theo’s story is one of courage in the face of trauma.

Theo lost his father in tragic circumstances, when he was still a small child.  He is currently a Year 6 pupil and will be moving on to secondary education in September.  Theo’s headteacher asked Worth Unlimited mentor Debbie to spend regular time with Theo, to help him recall times spent with his father and to support him in completing a memory book. 

Debbie says,

"We shared stories about Theo’s Daddy, from notes his Mum gave me, and we have used different crafts along the way from references in the book.
It has helped Theo to be more relaxed, calmer and to manage his anger better."



At Worth Unlimited for Doncaster, we are well aware of the efforts that parents, carers and schools put into supporting children and young people.  Our mentors offer an extra opportunity for them to:

  • be listened to
  • be encouraged to be resilient when times are tough
  • grow in self-confidence and self-esteem
  • develop self-control
  • learn leadership skills as well as how to be a good team member
  • experience well-being
  • learn to show respect and understanding to others
  • develop the aspiration to be the best person that they possibly can

If you live in the Doncaster area and feel the call to help young people as a mentor, contact our Branch Leader for further details:

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