Lincolnshire (The Oasis)

Lincolnshire (The Oasis)

The Oasis is a safe, calm environment for young people to embark on, with the help of a youth worker, a journey where they self-discover, create pathways and journey together towards a fulfilling future.

What we do

THE OASIS is in essence a social and therapeutic garden.

It is the process of using plants and garden itself to improve physical and mental health.  It is also used to improve communication skills, thinking skills, emotional intelligence and develop character.  THE OASIS is a place that is peaceful and restorative. The garden is a safe and secure place to develop a young person’s ability to mix socially and learn practical skills that help them move into employment or training.

 We currently do this through 3 programmes.

  1. ’Flourishing from the Margins’.  A 5 week programme for school pupils at risk of exclusion.
  2. Journeyman. An individual mentoring programme. A young person can be referred to this programme at any time. The length and duration of their contact with us  is decided together and a set of self chosen targets are worked towards.
  3. Accredited programme. At set intervals throughout the year we run accredited programmes. These are aimed at young people 16+ who are not in any other training provision or employment. In particular we aim to take young people who have struggled in a conventional classroom setting. A young person is able to do one of these programmes on its own or in conjunction with the Journeyman programme.


Our people

Becky Bee

The Oasis Manager

Becky is managing The Oasis in Lincolnshire

Our wonderful team of volunteer gardeners...

The backbone of THE OASIS is our volunteer team. They help develop the garden and work side by side with our young people.  We have a number of retired individuals who still have a passion for young people and/or gardening, but also university students who are doing relevant courses in one of the social sciences and are looking for some practical experience.

Contact us

Becky Bee - The Oasis Manager

Cherry Fields,
Fiskerton Road,
Cherry Willingham

(Note this is not a postal address - please contact us if you need a postal address)


Tel: 07988 533676