Get Up and Gold!

Get Up and Gold!

Take the Golden Mile challenge,

help to create a gold-standard world

What's it about?

Young people are facing an epic challenge.  Will you stand in solidarity with them by taking on a challenge of your own?

The last 2 years have been a total rollercoaster.
A global pandemic.  The climate crisis.  Brexit.  Rising prices.  Headlines full of government, police and royal scandals.  Broken plans and dashed hopes.  We've been shaken to our foundations by uncertainty, change, separation, loss, inequalities, and divisions.

This isn't the world that we would choose.
In the early days of lockdown, we rediscovered simple pleasures and community spirit.  We reassessed our priorities and embraced flexible working.  We discovered a vision for a stronger, healthier, happier world - a world in which all people thrive, the environment flourishes, diversity is celebrated and deprivation doesn't exist.

We can bring about the change we seek.
We can build a world that works for everyone - a world that's as it should be.  If we all work together, we can turn that vision into reality.  Every one of us has the potential to be a change-maker and a unique contribution to make.

Today's young people are the generation who will play the central role.
The issues we're facing won't be solved overnight.  We'll be handing the baton to today's teenagers to do a lot of the work.  That's a challenge that we all need them to be ready for.  However, many young people are in precarious circumstances and hindered by huge obstacles which leads to their change-making potential being squandered.

Our quest is to keep that from happening and make sure they have the motivation and capacity they need to work for a gold-standard world.

Will you show your solidarity with young people and help them to meet the challenges they're facing?

Take the Golden Mile challenge!

The challenge

Join us in making March 2022 a month of action, declaration and celebration!

We're taking action - embracing challenges of our own to show solidarity with young people who are taking on the challenges of a post-Covid 19 world.  We're making a declaration of our support, by sharing our challenges online.  We're celebrating the young people we work with and all that young people everywhere contribute to our communities.

Your challenge, your way

It couldn't be easier: all you have to do is go 1 mile on March 26th-27th.  Run along a canal, cycle across town, walk around the park, climb up a mountain, abseil down a skyscaper, swim, somersault, skate or sky-dive.  It's totally up to you!  Make it your Golden Mile.

As you'll set your own challenge, you can start and finish whenever you like and go your Golden Mile anywhere you choose.  It’s about you having fun and making a difference.  All you have to do is choose how you'll complete the challenge, pay £10 to register and sign up.

Share, share, share!

Once you've decided on your challenge, spread the word about what you're going to do.  Share photos/videos on social media, tell people this is your act of solidarity and use #YPAreGold to highlight the value of young people and the role they play in creating a better future for us all.

Register now!

Make a difference

We all need this generation to be full of hope, vision and motivation to pursue a better world and we have the power to make that happen.

We can help them grow into people who believe dreams can be achieved, who feel part of something bigger than themselves, who can see possibilities for a brighter future, who know that they're worth their weight in gold.

By signing up, you're investing in young people

null If 500 people sign up for £10, we could:
> Provide 250 sessions of mentoring for young people at risk of not flourishing
> Recruit and train 50 volunteer mentors
> Run 100 mental health workshops for young people

If 1,000 people sign up for £10, we could:
> Run a school holiday meal programme for a year, providing 1500 hot meals to low-income families
> Provide refreshments and craft materials for 650 youth club sessions

If 350 people each raise £100 sponsorship, we could:
> Employ a full-time senior youth work for 1 year, to respond to significant safeguarding issues and provide specialised support for particularly vulnerable young people

You're helping to develop young people's passions and abilities

null If 500 people sign up for £10, we could:
> Run 2 weekly cooking clubs - 1 for young people and 1 for adults - for a year
> Run 4 peer mentoring training courses, equipping 40 young people to support and invest in other young people
> Run a residential (e.g. camping) for 10 young people to develop communication and relationship skills

If 1,000 people sign up for £10, we could:
> Run 5 special interest projects (such as art, music, bike maintenance, drama) to expand young people's horizons
> Buy litter-pickers, gloves and other equipment for young people to undertake 100 social action projects

If 500 people each raise £100 sponsorship, we could:
> Cover the total costs of providing long-term support (6 years) for 20 young people
> Run 2 social enterprises, offering skills development, work experience and employment opportunities to young people
> Employ 2 full-time youth workers for a year to build supportive relationships and run positive activities with marginalised young people

And you're highlighting positive stories about young people

nullIf 500 people sign up, we will see #YPAreGold posted on social media at least 500 times and at least 5,000 people will see a positive message about young people

If 1,000 people sign up, we could get #YPAreGold trending on Twitter

If 1,000 people share one of our positive stories about young people, at least 10,000 people will see a social media post about young people's achievements, contributions and creativity.

So, sign up!  Join us!  Get Up and Gold for a better world!

Get involved

Join a movement of change-makers

When you register to Get Up and Gold, you’re making change happen.  By taking and sharing your challenge, you’re stretching yourself, bringing a bit of sunshine to those around you and investing in a movement of change-makers.  What's not to love?

Here is what you have to do:

  1. Click here to register.
  2. Donate £10, to invest in young people.
  3. Spread the word about why you're taking the Golden Mile challenge.
  4. Doing something a bit different?  Set up a fundraising page and ask people to sponsor you!
  5. Go your Golden Mile on March 26th/27th, as an action of solidarity.
  6. Share your photos or videos with us and your friends and followers, using #YPareGold.