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World Worth Living In

One of our flagship interventions is the World Worth Living In programme which has recently been rewritten by Melanie Glass. As a personal and social development programme it seeks to provide young people with the tools needed to flourish within society.

Aimed at 14-25 year olds, the programme equips them with personal, social, group and employability skills within a supportive learning environment.

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There are 2 main methods of delivery:

  • As a group based programme for 6-12 learners
  • As a framework for one-one mentoring

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Three main areas are explored :

  • My Inside World – addressing issues around personal development
    Units include : Identity, Confidence, Self Esteem, Health and Fitness (including sexual health), Relationships, Development of Self, A Core Unit
  • My Outside World – addressing issues around community, interpersonal skills and citizenship
    Units include: Developing relationships, social skills, team work personal development, citizenship, A Core Unit
  • My Future – addressing issues around employment, training, work and life skills

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Units include: Basic Skills, That Reading Thing (a literacy programme), Work Skills, Work Tasters, Youth Talent, A Core Unit

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The programme includes activities that reflect the different learning styles young people have and young people can choose from a menu of suitable tasks.
A new online portfolio building facility gives young people an opportunity to use modern technologies to record their progress with a simple format for noting evidence and learning and opportunity to join an online community of young people using the programme around the country.

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A World Worth Living In can be accessed at four different levels depending on local need and context. All levels include opportunity to work towards an OCN accreditation.

  • Foundation Level : 30 hours of Learning: Learners undertake the core units from each of the three themes.
  • Intermediate Level 1 : 60 hours of Learning: In addition to undertaking the core unit from each them learners also complete a further unit from each of the three themes and participate in a team building day.
  • Intermediate Level 2 : 120 hours of Learning: In addition to undertaking the core unit from each theme, learners also complete two further units from each key theme. They also participate in a team building day and a residential.
  • Advanced Level : 160 hours of Learning : In addition to undertaking the core unit from each theme, learners also complete 3 further units from each key theme, as well as the youth talent unit. They also take part in a team building day and a peer-led residential .

The flexibility of the programme is its unique advantage. Within an agreed framework of agreed aims and outcomes it allows young people to set themselves, goals and decide the activities they will use to achieve them

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Young people report that having been involved with the World Worth Living In programme are more relaxed, more open with people, more trusting, having improved social skills, are more confident, able to work better as a team, able to work better as a team, that work can be fun, able to put opinions across

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Ongoing Support
Worth Unlimited offer full training and support to youth workers and other agencies wishing to use this programme and maintain an ongoing relationship with providers supporting and ensuring quality of delivery.

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Please contact Melanie Glass at our Head Office if you wish to find out more about this programme >

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Find out about our Mentoring programme >

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“The programme is fun, exciting and helps bring confidence back. I find that the programme helps not only the individuals in the group but group but people but outside as well”

“I learnt that I am capable o do things even when I think I can’t do them” Heather

“I learnt that I am more confident than I thought and I can make my own decisions” Lucy

“I never knew I had all these skills until I did this programme.” Neil

“I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life until now. This programme has helped me be more focussed on my future” Sarah

Lucy began the World Worth Living In programme feeling insecure about her ability to make friends after being bullied at school. By the end of the programme she had formed very positive relationships with other members of the group, who continue to meet regularly and support each other in school.

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Steve began the Project as a shy, under- confident young person with learning difficulties. By the end of the programme he had improved self esteem, knew his skills and abilities, could speak confidently to professionals, and was an excellent team-worker.

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