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Romance Academy

The Romance Academy is a unique approach to providing young people with a complete relationships and sex education package. Developed by Dan Burke and Rachel Gardner, Romance Academy recognises that as well as the importance of understanding the mechanics of sex, young people benefit from exploring the basics of relationships and understanding the emotional impact of sexual activity.

Each Academy is made up of 6 boys and 6 girls aged between 14 – 18 who are led by youth workers through a 15 week programmes which includes weekly sessions, discussions, challenges and a two night residential. the young people in the academy get the chance to understand the facts and explore their feelings about relationships and sexuality.

At the beginning of each new academy young people are invites to delay being sexually active at least for the duration of the programme, creating space to explore their attitudes to relationships and sex. Delaying sexual activity for a short while can help some young people break unhealthy sexual habits and restore confidence in their own value and decision making abilities. Each group agrees the terms of their pledge together helping create a sense within the group of trust, community and self respect.

Throughout the programme young people are empowered to make good choices now and in the future.

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Session topics include:

  • effective use of contraception,
  • building and sustaining healthy relationships,
  • love and romance
  • drugs and alcohol
  • body image
  • coping with peer pressure
  • touch and intimacy

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Romance Academy is on the web at www.romanceacademy.org

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“Every teenager is trying to find themselves and we think that sex is the way to do it. That is why Romance Academy is really important in helping us find out who we are without having to have sex. It has helped me feel more confident about myself now”
16 year old

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“I wish I had this experience when I was twelve cos I have made a lot of bad decisions in my life and this would have helped.”
15 year old

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“Being in the Romance Academy has helped me respect myself and work out who I want to be, because I don’t think I was very sure before”
15 year old

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