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Key skills centres

Key Skills are an essential ingredient in employment and are highly sought after by employers.

Worth Unlimited can offer ASDAN accredited Key Skills programmes which are especially useful in helping young people who are underachieving or have already underachieved at school.

In our experience some young people have very different learning styles that are not easily accommodated in the classroom. These programmes provide an alternative framework within which to encourage the development of key skills outside of the more traditional school curriculum.

The Bronze Award programme is aimed at young people in years 9 to 11 and encourages participation and reflection and provides an opportunity to achieve. The basic framework requires young people to build a portfolio similar to those used in NVQ courses, reflecting a process of “Planning”, “Doing” and “Reviewing” for 15 individual challenges along with three action plans and a summary of achievement. The award reflects at least 60 hours of work.

Youth Workers with a flair for creative and innovative ideas can use this framework to create positive learning experiences for young people based on achievement and progress.

The Wider Key Skills qualifications focus in on the skills of Working with others, Improving Own Learning and Problem Solving and through more intensive activity seek to provide evidence to achieve nationally established criteria leading at level 1 to a key Skill qualification the equivalent to ½ a GCSE. In this way young people have the opportunity to feel valued and skilled ready for the work place.

Both of these flexible programmes are well suited for small group and 1:1 work.

For more information about ASDAN programmes see www.asdan.org.uk

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“This [project] has shown me different ways to see things and has made me feel grown up. [It] feels more like a family than a group of children. It has been great.”
Crystal – London

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“I remember being in the Compact Club gave you a feeling of independence and privilege at school. It gave me a great opportunity to show other people what I could do and to prove to myself what I was capable of.

I remember the Recycling Project where we went around the school encouraging students and teachers to use recycling boxes we placed in the classrooms. I remember the sense of importance and influence and it built my sense of confidence as I learned how to talk to a range of different people.”
David – London

David is now completing a health and social care course at Epping College and has just started a nursing Paediatric Diploma at University College Hospital London

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