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What do other agencies think about Worth Unlimited?

“Worth Unlimited are a key partner of the council, providing a range of innovative services for some of the most vulnerable young people in our community. Feedback from young people indicates that their projects build self esteem, confidence and resilience and provide much needed opportunities to acquire skills in music technology and ICT. Our youth support service and other partners have commented on the positive contribution of these projects to individual young people and the broader community.”

Alfred Donkor
Group Manager – Commissioning, Children and Young People Services, London Borough of Waltham Forest

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“In the last two years, Chingford Foundation School have benefited from the Worth Unlimited one-to –one project, Towards Inclusion, for four students. All have found the provision timely, flexible and extremely useful.

The first of the students was a disaffected Yr 11 student, who wanted to join the Army at the earliest opportunity. After his initial interview at the local Army recruitment office, the Towards Inclusion worker helped the student with his personal fitness programme, his interview technique and general encouragement. The young man was able to pass his Army entrance tests with good grades, and has recently graduated from the Army Foundation College.

The second student, a Yr 7 boy, was unable to attend school due to distressing personal circumstances. The Inclusion worker was able to support this young person on a weekly basis, meeting him at the City Learning Centre and at the boy’s home to help him achieve challenges towards his ASDAN Bronze Youth Award. Although the boy received regular support from a home tutor and myself, the Inclusion worker contributed greatly to raising this young man’s self-esteem and feelings of personal worth.

The other two students are female, current Year 11 students. They have received support and encouragement from a female Inclusion worker, to assist them to return to school and continue to attend. These students have home problems as well as attendance/truancy issues, and while their attendance is still unreliable, they are still attending school and should be able to take some of their GCSE examinations.”

Mrs Margaret Cannell
Learning Mentor
Chingford School, London

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Leora Cruddas, EduAction
(Following a Peer Mentoring Conference organised and delivered by Worth Unlimited for Waltham Forest)

“the outcome was a very professional day… enjoyed and appreciated by peer mentors in Waltham Forest secondary schools”.

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“I have been very impressed with your service and by the work undertaken, particularly as you were able to respond to our request to run the mobile youth venue at very short notice. I believe this resource has provided a very worthwhile diversion for young people in the area who may otherwise have been isolated.

I was also impressed by the standard of the consultation exercise your service undertook during Children's Services week. The consultation was both creative and of very high quality. This consultation will now provide very important data when planning extended services in the area. It is clear from the young people's responses and their interaction that they value Worth Unlimited and the service you are providing to their community.

I must also thank- you for sharing your knowledge of some of the local resources and contacts with me as this has helped me to broaden my understanding of the local area and forge better links.

I have enjoyed working in partnership with your organisation and believe that you provide a very worthwhile service to young people.”

Carol Frederick
Extended Services Area Manager ( North Waltham Forest)

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“The partnership between the London Fire Brigade & Worth Unlimited started in 2001. In the time together we have successfully completed a considerable number of youth engagement projects. These have ranged from small groups of young people in Mentoring Programmes to much larger groups taking part in the ‘Best Buddy’ Project. The ‘Cadet’ project being the cornerstone of our work together.

Last year the then LFB, Borough Commander for Waltham Forest, Jim Saddington, awarded ‘Worth’ with the LFB Community Partnership Award. They were the first recipients of the trophy. This is a sign of the significant measure in which Worth Unlimited are held by the brigade.

The staff at ‘Worth’ have consistently delivered what has been agreed & accommodated changes with considerable fortitude. The understanding & trust built between us has meant that the projects have been delivered consistently with a ‘Can do’ approach. This positive attitude has encouraged & inspired operational members of the brigade to take a more pro-active part in youth engagement activities.

I look forward to further programmes involving ‘Worth’ staff members as I have always been impressed by their professionalism & understanding of both the young persons & those who have been assisting their facilitations.”

Michale Sheehan, Watch Manager
LFB, Waltham Forest Community Activities Manager

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“Worth Unlimited have worked over a number of years and on a number of progammes with the youth service. This has included joint working and also work that the service commissioned the organisation to deliver. The organisation is held in very high regards by the local community and most essentially by young people who are actively involved by the organisation in the running of the activities.

The organisation is equipped to respond to the monitoring and evaluation requirements of projects and have performed these processes diligently. Worth Unlimited have demonstrated that they have effective systems of budgetary The organisation also makes a full contribution to youth policy development in the area. They make them selves available to attend training and have jointly organised conferences with the youth service. They attend local area community council meetings and are highly commended by local councillors for the work they carry out.

I whole heartily support the organisation.”

Colette McCann
Head of Youth Service (Waltham Forest)

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“The considerable time allocated to the development of personal and social skills [through the World Worth Living In Programme] is well spent and contributes to the curriculum meeting the needs of the students well. On one day of each week the education charity Worth Unlimited, organises and leads the events that require the students to work together, to learn to make lifestyle decisions and to gain an understanding of the role of the community..all activities are specifically designed to help increase their self-confidence and self-esteem, by gaining success as a member of the group. The well organised WWLI programme makes a very effective contribution to the planned programme of personal and social education…”

Dr Alan Dobbins
OFSTED REPORT 23 – 25 Sept 2003

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